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Ambulance CPD for everyone…

CPD and the HCPC

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) require all registered Paramedics, and advise ambulance staff, to keep and develop a personal portfolio demonstrating efforts to actively advance practice and keep up with the evolving face of emergency and primary care.

Ambulance CPD has been made by Paramedics for all members of the ambulance service team, all across the UK. We know how difficult it can be to maintain CPD, so we have put together a range of easy to use CPD activities and portfolio builder. With numerous videos, different types of quizzes to test and develop your knowledge, and Ambulance article pages containing different ambulance and emergency-related information, and more… We aim to make Ambulance CPD one of the leading CPD websites for staff all across the UK.

Limitless learning, limitless possibilities

Ambulance CPD for everyone…

Our website can be used by all Ambulance and Medical Staff/Volunteers/Students across the UK. We know how important CPD is in practice, and we know that being active can have a positive effect on the treatment of our patients. You can use all of the content on Ambulance CPD in accordance with our CPD Portfolio Builder page to create and build a professional CPD Portfolio.

We hope you have fun using our website and enjoy the CPD process, if you have any questions or comments you can email us at gareth@ambulancecpd.com